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John L. Moser,

General Manager/Directeur général, Planning and Growth Management/Urbanisme et gestion de la croissance


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Public Consultation ─ Special Area Levy

Kitchissippi Ward

Supplementary Information to

Report No. ACS2011-ICS-PGM-0081 – 90 Richmond Road, 114 Richmond Road, and 380 Leighton Terrace – Possible Community Land Acquisition

Consultation publique – Cotisation de contingence pour les zones spéciales du quartier Kitchissippi

Information supplémentaire au Rapport no

ACS2011-ICS-PGM-0081 - 90, chemin Richmond, 114, chemin Richmond et 380, terrasse Leighton – Acquisition de terrain communautaire possible

Date:   March 8, 2011

            Le 8 mars 2011























The purpose of this memorandum is to summarize results of public consultation conducted in Kitchissippi Ward on a possible land purchase to enhance the greenspace at the Soeurs de la Visitation property on Richmond Road. This purchase would be financed through a special area charge on residents of Kitchissippi Ward.


Councillor Hobbs led this public consultation with support from City Planning, Finance, the Realty Services Branch and Corporate Communications staff.


Councillor Hobbs and her staff held six public meetings in various neighbourhoods within the Ward as follows:


March 1 — Hintonburg Community Centre;

March 2 — Hilson Avenue Public School as a guest speaker at the Hampton-Iona Community Association Annual General Meeting;

March 2 — Broadview Public School;

March 5 — Churchill Seniors Recreation Centre;

March 6 — Ottawa Hospital, Civic Campus; and

March 6 — Champlain Park at 140 Carleton.


There were approximately 70 to 100 residents at each meeting. Mayor Watson attended the March 5 meeting.


The meetings had a two-fold purpose: to inform residents about the possibility of the land purchase financed with a special service area charge and to gather public feedback. Councillor Hobbs led the meetings with presentations from the Planning, Finance and Realty Services Branch. The history of the development was explained, including the open space and public access that has been negotiated by Planning staff. The results of the independent appraisal of the land value were explained, as were the mechanics of a special area levy.


A diverse range of opinions were expressed at these meetings.


While many residents expressed interest in having additional parkland developed, most residents opposed the proposed special levy as too costly characterizing it as an additional tax burden that would be difficult to shoulder. It is clear many residents are upset about the possibility of an additional tax.


At the public meetings, some residents questioned the valuation of the property, or suggested that some other possible section of land to be purchased from Ashcroft could be more affordable. Some residents expressed concern about the reliability of information coming from park advocates. Some residents suggested the City should hold a referendum on the issue.  Still others, said they are not satisfied with the way the City has addressed issues surrounding development at the site since the land was put up for sale by the Sisters of Visitation two years ago.


Comment sheets were provided to residents and Councillor Hobbs has also been encouraging residents to send e-mails, letters or make calls to her office.


Councillor Hobbs and her staff have found the most common comments to be these:


·         Seniors on fixed incomes say they already have very high property-tax bills. Some residents have tax bills that cost as much as they originally paid for their homes;

·         A number of residents say they would never use the proposed park and that they feel there is already ample access to greenspace in the Ward;

·         A number of residents feel that the City should only build parks out of a general fund, rather than a special local charge;

·         Some think a levy would only be acceptable if the entire city paid, as the park would be a park of city-wide value;

·         Some residents have expressed the opinion that the push for additional parkland space at this site is not representative of the total ward population’s wishes;

·         Both the Westboro Business Improvement Area and the Wellington West Business Improvement Area convened special board meetings to consider this issue. Both BIA boards voted to oppose a levy; and

·         Some residents thought that money from other sources, such as Development Charges, should be used to purchase the land.




Based on significant public discussion of the possibility of a special area levy in Kitchissippi, as well as six well-attended public consultation meetings there is no indication of strong public support for a levy to purchase the proposed greenspace at the Soeurs de la Visitation.


Original signed by


John L. Moser

General Manager, Planning and Growth Management


c.c.  Executive Committee